What is creative Writing? The definition of writing!

What is creative writing? What is the definition of writing?


  • Writing – the activity or skill of marking coherent words with mediums and composing text.
    • Written work, especially with regard to its style or quality.
    • The act or practice of literary or musical composition.
    • The occupation of a writer, the profession of authorship.
  • Creative writing – is any non-technical fiction literature.
    • Typically includes narrative crafted with character development and the use of literary tropes or various poetics.
    • This includes novels, biographies, short stories, poetry and non-fictional journalism as well as screenplay and stage play writing.
    • Typically, any writing of original composition.
  • The process of creative writing by some is considered to be a crafting of thought-out original work, to be an experience in creative problem solving.
  • Elements of creative writing include such things as theme and motif, voice, tone, style, and point of view coming in such forms as creative non-fiction like journalistic-fiction, and other form like novels, novellas, fan-fiction, poetry, short stories and screen plays by writers in solo efforts and in collaboration with other writers.

Being a writer doesn’t make one an author, but being an author requires one to be a writer to some degree, as an author is a professionally published writer.

Fiction and non-fiction are both works created by writers but not necessarily by creative writers. I find some very good technical journals and instruction manuals written by people who have no artist creative bones in their body, thus would not be able to write a creative writing piece, even if their lives depended on it. But there are also creative writers who do not have the discipline or skills and could not write a technical piece for the sake of their lives as well.

Creative writing is a function the writer may learn, but the writer needs talent and skill to perform well. Many people can create creative writing, but a lot of the material isn’t readable even as creative reading, as it is written so poorly with bad grammar or in poor form, or maybe lacks a clear voice or theme, maybe the piece has no plot or character to drive it forward to make it interesting to read, or one or more of numerous other flaws, leaving readers displeased and choosing to not read the piece.

In conclusion, creative writing to me, is a written art even though it takes skill to master. The art requires a certain talent to successfully pull off well, which in the end is subjectively read by every reader.