Larret Army: Rising Souls

Larret Army: Rising Souls

$17.95eBook: $2.99
Series: Lost Souls, Book 1
Genre: Medieval Fantasy

After the death of Larret Hamlet’s Reeve, the mage Tripper reluctantly turns in the hastily created fief’s report on bonds for Laret to Lord Ramson. Along with this following several harrowing events, the Black Swans form a cohort to deal with various local threats. Thus, begins the investigations into Tearmain. With no stone left unturned, G, Tripper, Winey, Mi, Jess and Eren seek out Lord Ramson to report on grizzly incidents discovered around Larret Hamlet. They receive his suggestion to travel west overland to the un-named river to reach the royal city of Mount Oryn. On their journey westward, the Black Swans discover an enemy Tearmain army. As the Black Swans receive redemption for G, this leads to her becoming known and praised for her ability and efforts as a strong leader and a reliable person, yet she finds discomfort in this.

In a desperate protracted confrontation with a Tearmain army, a Black Swan is captured and is sacrificed. Later in dealing with a second army, General Isela, the leader of one of two more enemy armies, events lead to a much darker being.

These events lead to the Black Swans having to make severe choices: remain loyal to the Dominnion of Kannoral, convert to this upstart new god, Tearmain, or even switch loyalty to General Selanad – or worse.

In this, in conclusions of the one adventure may lead to the next adventure, but they each need to survive even one.

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