Author: Kenneth Shumaker

Kenneth Shumaker

Author of the 5th Galaxy and Quantos world settings in a genre of the sci-fi and fantasy worlds. Kenneth writes serial series, challenges and also novels of fantasy, sci-fi/fantasy, science fiction as well as non-fiction. The 5th Galaxy setting is a set of several civilization pockets referred to as sectors, in a galaxy, located in a cluster of eight galaxies far from the Andromeda galaxy. There are seven civilization sectors in the 5th Galaxy from which we hear stories. Kenneth records and transmits some of these stories to you, the highly coveted reader. Tell us if you find these stories enjoyable and entertaining by leaving us messages in the comments or forum, even find time to connect with us further by joining the email subscription list to keep up with future news and updates from Kenneth and the 5th Galaxy or the Quantos fantasy civilization.

Blog musings of Kenneth Shumaker's 5th Galaxy
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About the Author
Kenneth Shumaker
Kenneth Shumaker

This is the writer, Kenneth Shumaker who, after winning an award from poetry took an extended break from writing. Returning to writing again in 2009 with his weekly challenge blog of fiction, Kenneth was picked up by a traditional publisher in 2015 to write a serial series. In 2016 Kenneth started his own imprint, acquiring the rights back to all his previous work and starting another five serial series. He also co-writes with another author and in 2016 finishing his sixth book, 'Laret: Darkness of Souls' which is the first book in the 'Lost Souls' series of medieval fantasy. Kenneth's primary genres include, non-fiction papers, fantasy, sci-fi/fantasy and science fiction works.

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